Garena Txakolina

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Garena, is a modern txakoli from Biscay, which is the result of assembling our local varieties Hondarrabi Zerratia 80% and Hondarrabi Zuri 20%; these grapes are obtained from a single vineyard of 5 hectares, with an excellent south orientation and 260 metres of altitude. Our vineyard is located nearby Gorbea and Urkiola national parks, two of the most important ones in the province.

Both varieties are treated in a distinct way in the winery; aging with its lees a small part of the final assembling. In this way we achieve a fresh and aromatic wine with an excellent structure and complexity.

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It is made from selected HondarrabiZerratia vines. The vineyard is located on the edge of two of the most important natural parks of Bizkaia, Urkiola and Gorbea.

Geroa txakolina comes to us as an ambassador of time, giving the essence of a great Txakoli and announcing a longevity that will provide even greater complexity and structure.

After fermentation, the young wine was aged with its lees in stainless steel tanks for 6 months. It is a wine that represents the evolution and the future of Txakoli in Bizkaia.

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