Garena Txakolina

Who we are

The Garena txakoli comes from a single vineyard located in the town of Dima, which is located on the edge of two of the most important natural parks of Biscay, Urkiola and Gorbea. Garena Txakolina wants to be part of the progress of the txakoli from Bizkaia strengthening our identity and our culture.  

Garena “what we are” in English is not just a word, is an ambitious project that combines the splendid vineyard surrounding the Axpe-Goikoa restaurant with a winery equipped with the best technology  to reveal the best of our grapes.

As our catchword says; “Ginenetik garenera” we will become on what we are from what we were, while our vineyard grows, we will develop new and distinct wines.